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UKG Dimensions Training

Discover the self-paced and instructor-led training available for all UKG Dimensions products in this course list. We’ve mapped the content in the sequential order that we recommend to help simplify your education experience. Self-paced training offers in-depth learning with tutorials, how-to guides, job aids, and more. The KnowledgeMap Live site combines the self-paced learning with the live training for your project team and your functional and technical support team. It is also where you can access the User Adoption Resource Center for your end user change management and training tools. Courses marked as Subscription identify the live courses that are in the KnowledgeMap Live site. Take a quick tour to learn more. Happy learning!

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Our product names are changing! As you explore KnowledgeMap and KnowledgeMap Live, you will see the new UKG Dimensions™ product and service names.

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